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How To Cut Down Your Own Tree

We have a unique system in place for getting your tree processed efficiently!
Here's how the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm operates.

1. Visit our friendly greeters at the entrance. They will give you a tree tag and a handy sheet with all instructions & pricing! 

2. Pick up a saw & measuring stick and hop on the wagon. Sorry, no power saws allowed in. The tractor will take you out to the fields. Please stay seated while the wagon is moving. 

3. Choose and Cut your perfect Christmas Tree! IMPORTANT CUTTING TIPS:

  • Choose your tree carefully! Once you cut it down, you MUST purchase it.
  • Please DO NOT cut a tree shorter than 6ft. If you do, you will be charged for a 6ft tree.
  • Use the saw, blade facing AWAY from you, to cut the trunk as close to the ground as possible. This leaves room for the tree stand.
  • Do NOT cut any bottom limbs off – this can ruin the entire shape of the tree.
4. Attach the tree claim tag TIGHTLY to a bottom branch, next to the trunk. Please leave PART A and PART B attached to the tree. Tear off PART C and keep it with you AT ALL TIMES! Your tag will have a red number on the lower right corner. This is the only way to identify your tree, so please remember it!



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