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Tree Care

There's nothing like the smell of a fresh cut, real Christmas tree. The way you take care of your tree at home will determine how long your tree will last. Check out these tips for not only keeping your tree fresh until Christmas, but to keep your family and home safe as well.

  • AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE HOME, CUT AN ADDITIONAL 1/2 INCH OFF OF THE TRUNK. Even if you only live a few minutes from us, your tree's trunk can sap over in a short amount of time. This will prevent the tree from taking in water and will cause the tree to dry out prematurely. Cut the trunk off as straight as possible to make it easier to put in your tree stand.
  • USE THE APPROPRIATE SIZE STAND FOR YOUR TREE. If you have small children or pets, you should opt for a larger stand for stability. We recommend these plastic stands from Cinco that you can purchase at our farm: 

  • NEVER PLACE YOUR TREE NEAR A SOURCE OF HEAT. This includes fireplaces, furnaces, air vents, etc. The heat will cause the tree's needles to dry out prematurely.
  • KEEP THE WATER LEVEL IN YOUR TREE STAND ABOVE THE BOTTOM OF THE TRUNK AT ALL TIMES. This is extremely important! Even if the water level falls below the base of the trunk for a short time, a layer of sap will form and prevent the tree from drinking any more water. Your tree can drink up to a gallon (or more) of water per day! Check the water level 2 to 3 times per day to be safe.

  • USE A TREE PRESERVATIVE IN THE WATER (optional). Adding sugar, sprite, etc. is NOT recommended. These tablets from Forest Fresh are a popular option and can be purchased from our farm: 

  • USE ENERGY EFFICIENT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS THAT PRODUCE MINIMUM HEAT. LED Christmas lights are a popular option. If the lights are broken or damaged, replace them. Always turn your Christmas lights off before bed or before leaving the house.
  • For tree recycling near Houston, click here.



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